What is translation in the cloud, and why is it collaborative?

Collaborative translation, made possible by technologies like Wordbee, allows all the different participants of the translation cycle to collaborate in the same document, at the same time. Wordbee brings this technology in a SaaS format that suits the needs of large and small customers alike.

Collaborative translation shortens the translation cycle

The main benefit of cloud translation is that it shortens the translation cycle significantly, reducing delivery times by as much as 50%.

  • Proofreaders can work at the same time as translators, shortening the cycle and reducing management difficulties created by splitting long documents.
  • Managers get total transparency. They can work at the same time as translators and proofreaders to answer questions and check work.
  • Customers, providers, or subject matter experts can login to answer any questions directly on a document, cutting three or four emails from your workflow!
  • Communication between translator and proofreader happens in Wordbee, saving management time and aiding in tracking concerns.
  • No more tedious emails or sending files. Wordbee sends mails for you, and all the files are centralized.

Collaborative translation delivers better projects

Ultimately, the ones with collaborative translation on their side are going to deliver better projects.

  • Shorter turnaround times
  • Better translations due to better communication
  • Happier translators, editors, managers, customers, subject matter experts, and providers



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