Integrate Wordbee with WoodWing to streamline content localization & publication

by | Nov 26, 2020

Wordbee can be connected to numerous third-party tools which allows clients to smoothly integrate our end-to-end translation management system (TMS) into their existing workflows. One of these tools is WoodWing, a Content Orchestration solution that helps brands and publishers create and manage content across teams and publish to different channels.

Connecting Wordbee to WoodWing allows for seamless integration of translation management processes into the overall publishing workflow, which could look like the following: 

Copywriters and editors write and edit text in Adobe InCopy while designers carry out their work in Adobe InDesign. Both Adobe InCopy and Adobe InDesign are integrated into your WoodWing platform. Once the content piece is finalized, a package with all relevant materials gets sent straight to Wordbee Translator where your localization team takes care of translating the file. These requests can be issued for a single or several languages and may require the participation of different stakeholders taking care of the linguistic process.

During localization, assignments can involve a translator or a team of translators to use customized workflows, such as translation, revisionproof-reading, or even back-translation and reconciliation. Moreover, for those who require additional flexibility in their global strategy, all aspects of the project can be language dependent, allowing wide range of localization processes. Making use of translation memories and terminology databases within your TMS guarantees consistency and efficiency across all projects. 

After finalizing the translation work, the localized deliverable(s) are automatically sent back to WoodWing where designers review and if necessary, adapt the localized file in InDesign, before handing it over to the publishers. Since each requested language will have its own lifecycle, the handover to Woodwing can also be dependent on their status. Transferring the individual deliverables or the whole set in one go is a matter of team preferences.

With a custom connector between WoodWing and Wordbee all stakeholders involved – writers, editors, designers, translators, reviewers, etc. - can easily collaborate and automate their workflows, without sending emails and files back and forth. The whole content creation part happens in WoodWing and is then moved over to Wordbee for localization. In order for everyone to be aware of the work status, both systems provide an overview for stakeholders to know exactly in which phase of the project they are in at all times. 

Clients who have integrated Wordbee into their WoodWing platform are benefitting from a tailored solution that provides the best of both worlds – powerful digital asset management combined with first class translation management for all their online and offline publications.

If you want to learn more about integrating Wordbee with WoodWing to streamline your content creation, localization and publication processes then get in touch with our team.

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