September Newsletter – Are you ready to use these features?

by | Sep 20, 2016

Are you the head of the translation division in your company?
Are you an LSP which is constantly managing translation projects which involve continuous, multi-step workflows?

Here is a quick rundown of what Wordbee can offer to seamlessly connect, collaborate and exchange data and information between all stakeholders in a streamlined manner.

- Wordbee Beebox: If you have to translate dynamic, frequently changing content then our Beebox can do all the behind the scenes work for you, sparing you the inconveniences of content filtering and manual importing/exporting. Featuring everything from hot folders, to content auto-filtering to email notifications, your client’s content and its translation workflows will always stay in sync.

- Wordbee Portal: the dedicated space for order givers, enabling them to monitor the progress of their translation requests and interact directly with the translation team, right until project completion.

- Microsoft Office add-in: using our MT Hive feature, these add-ins allow clients or your colleagues in the company to gist-translate texts directly from Microsoft Outlook, using machine translation and memory pre-translation. Should they be unsatisfied, they can kick off post-editing jobs right from the MT Hive form screen.

- Web API: Wordbee’s powerful web API allows clients to control any aspect of their Wordbee translation workflow directly from their CMS, DMS or other software application, thanks to method calls which allow them to control and automate any desired operation in their platform.

With such an arsenal of possibilities at your disposal, you can say goodbye to repetitive and manual error-prone processes and concentrate on what matters most, translation quality and cost leveraging.

gala saving

Wordbee is happy to partner with the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) and take part in their #SaveWithGALA campaign.

The organization supports its members by creating communities, championing standards, sharing knowledge, and advancing technology.

We greatly value Gala’s organised and promoted subject conferences, which are a great opportunity for us to meet clients, prospects as well as discussing industry trends. We are especially looking forward to Gala’s 2017 annual conference in Amsterdam.

As GALA affiliates, we value the chance to promote Wordbee Translator and Beebox to an ever increasing number of LSPs and Enterprises; these will be able to discover the benefits of, and save up on, our Translation Environment Tools.

In the context of the #SaveWithGALA campaign Wordbee offers a special discount limited in time on Wordbee Translator licenses. As a Gala member, you’ll have access to the following great savings:

- a 15% discount on the cost of the annual user license
- A 3-month editor license, totally free of charge!

We encourage language sector companies to consider joining the GALA community. In addition to our fantastic discounts, entire teams receive access to GALA resources and benefits like a weekly webinar series, self-publishing opportunities, a public company profile in their online member directory, and a host of other resources to help grow your business.

You can learn more about GALA here.

upcoming webinars

Versioning management in Wordbee Translator (for project managers)

Wednesday, September 28, 2016 4:00 PM - 4:30 PM CEST

During this webinar, we will show project managers how to deal with versioning in both Codyt and Standard projects, and obtain good leveraging.

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