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by | Aug 18, 2014

Translating web sites seemed too complex! For both content owners and translation service providers. This complexity is due to the poor integration of content localization into existing translation platforms and workflows. The Beebox was designed to bridge this gap and smoothly embed a CMS or other content source into your translation processes.

The Beebox comes in two flavours: Beebox-Saas and Beebox-Server. Beebox-Saas is an easy and rapidly deployable solution. It runs in our highly secure datacenter and is designed to interface with your current CMS software. All existing and new content can be quickly processed for translation. Simply download and install a small plugin into the CMS and choose a translation team or vendor. You are set! Currently available are plugins for Drupal, WordPress, Episerver and Kentico. Others will be released soon.

The Beebox-Server can connect to any content or document management system. It does it all: from WordPress, Drupal, Sharepoint, Adobe Experience Manager or proprietary systems. It can receive texts through DropBox or any other file sharing system. It lets you request translations from within Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook or PowerPoint. This is the version you would choose if you need your own private instance and you require very advanced configuration features.

Special note for Translation and Localization service providers

Record numbers of translators experience the power of our language technology platform. We have focused on streamlining translation workflows and through the Beebox you will now be able to offer your clients more than translation services. It opens up new business opportunities as Beebox interfaces with your client’s website, E-Commerce solution, database or other document system.

More information on: www.beeboxlinks.com

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New in Wordbee: iOS strings file support

YWe are glad to announce that Wordbee Translator now supports iOS strings files.

Tips and Tricks: Send all the job assignments in just 1 email.

Until now, each individual notification was sent in a separate email. But this time is over!

A setting (enabled by default) to reduce the total number of email notifications has been added.

If enabled, the system groups the notifications sent at the same time into one single email. This helps to reduce the amount of emails received by your clients and suppliers.

Emails are grouped if the email FROM, TO, CC and BCC are identical.

Let’s take an example. You have marked 20 documents for translation and want to assign them to the same translator. This would result into 20 email notifications. But with this new setting, the system will group them into one single email.

To change this setting, just navigate to Settings > Email notifications. There you can enable or disable the field Send grouped emails at your best convenience.

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