Wordbee February Newsletter: Collaboration with Presence, Gala conference, new Xpath Builder tool.

by | Feb 16, 2015

Collaboration Wordbee & Presence

Presence was founded in 1995 and offers a full range of services for multilingual meetings and events. Over the years the Presence team has specialised in European Works Council meetings, where the interaction between languages and cultures is key. By leveraging the latest communication technologies and offering strategic advise and networking opportunities to its customers, Presence not only contributes to the efficiency of company communication processes, but also contributes to successful social dialogue in Europe. The Wordbee and Presence teams are pleased to announce their collaboration, which will open a new world of combined possibilities for everyone who is looking for the perfect language solution!


Upcoming events

Meet us on March 22-25 at the Gala conference in Seville and discover our Beebox solution!
The Gala

Want to schedule an appointment or receive more information about the Beebox before visiting us? Contact us at [email protected] or +352 2877 1204

New feature
Discover the Xpath builder tool!

This tool allows non-IT workers to easily create Xpath expressions for every new XML configuration. Copy and paste the content of the XML file, and click on the parts to translate. The tool automatically generates the different Xpath expressions.

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