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by | Jan 22, 2014

BeeSmallpng1 Dear clients and partners,First of all, on behalf of the Wordbee team, I wish you all an amazing year 2014 and great success in all your endeavors!

Thanks to you, the year 2013 has been a very good year for our company. We unveiled the MT-Hive feature, improved the Quality Assurance and enhanced the portal and order form.  In March, we celebrated our 5th anniversary with special promotions and we would like to thank our clients for their trust! Your feedback is highly appreciated and it has helped us to continually improve our product and offer you the daily top-notch service you need.

It’s our passion for innovation that puts Wordbee at the forefront of technology as a leader on the language market. So keep on checking out our blog for regular news about new functionalities and releases!

Stay tuned!

José Vega

Wordbee is moving to new offices. As of next week please use this tel. nr. : +352 2877 12 04+352 2877 12 04

Meet Elena Perrouin, founder of French company Go-Multilingual
Go-Multilingual is a specialized localization company founded in 2012 by Elena Perrouin. Passionate about fast evolving localization industry, Elena makes sure to bring the benefits of using efficient management workflow coupled with professional translation to localization buyers. She also contributes to the development of tools in translation management and workflow solutions.
WB: How did you get into the translation industry?
I have always been fascinated by how different cultures and languages influence the way of life.  I have lived in 4 different countries and getting into translation was somewhat natural.So I have achieved a university degree in translation and interpreting. The localization industry presented an excellent opportunity to stay in touch with different languages and cultures on an everyday basis. It combines the challenge of finding the right people, following the correct procedures and deploying the best tools.

WB: Could you tell us a little bit more about your services and specialty?Go-Multilingual specializes in optimizing efforts and costs involved in localization process. I help companies internationalizing their business and I plan and run their localization projects in a way that guarantees an increase in revenue generation. I combine my translation background as well as my graphic design and project management experience to deliver ready-to-use solutions. I also provide consulting services to language service providers, helping them choose a translation management solution suitable for their type of projects.WB: How do you see the future of Language Technology?

Language technology is evolving fast enough to make translators fear for their job. It may make clients anxious that what they had ordered was poorly machine translated. None of the above is founded, provided that the process is managed properly of course. From my prospective, continuously evolving language technology is powerful enough to help us gain even further efficiency, though it will never replace the eloquence of professional translators and the professionalism of project managers. It is like a toolbox that can make wonders to people who know how to use it.

WB: Thank you Elena!

For more information about Go-multilingual, go to www.go-multilingual.com/en

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Tip: Personalised project information view
Today, we’re introducing a new way to view the information concerning your projects. We’ve added the possibility to choose the columns you prefer to see.
Click the Projects button and scroll down. Next to the “number of items per page field” you select Columns. Pick the columns you need to display and their order.  Then, click on Save.
As always, if you have questions or feedback, please post them on our discussion forum in Zendesk.
Our upcoming conferences
Want to learn more about Wordbee? We invite you to make an appointment with our collaborator, Brahim Aïoun at the Tech Innov conference in Paris-Orly on February 13 ([email protected])
documationDocumation will take place on March 26 -27, 2014 in Paris La Défense. You can find the Wordbee team at booth A22. Read more at: http://www.documation.fr/
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