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by | Jun 21, 2014


Greetings from Japan!

Facts about Japan

* Japan has a population of about 126 million people. The country has the world’s third largest GDP and it plays an important economical role in Asia.

* According to a survey, the use of Japanese for online communications reaches the 3rd position.

* In Japan, there are 2,000 LSPs. This number mainly refers to small and medium sized agencies (between 1 to 50 employees) of which many don’t use TMSs or CAT tools regularly.

* Nowadays, trade liberalization in the industry and services sectors between Asian countries (China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan but also Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and others) spurred economic growth. As a result, the need for multilingual translations is expanding rapidly.

Our company

Our company name, G-Com, comes from “Global communicator”.

Based on our corporate philosophy of “supporting our customers’ communications all over the world”, we can say that we have provided reliable and satisfactory global communication services to our customers since our beginnings in 1990.

G-Com has been building up partnerships in Japan and internationally for more than 20 years. Providing multilingual translations, website localization, subtitle translation and the editing of movies and commercial videos that companies need to compete world-wide in a highly competitive environment.

Furthermore, we are a member of the “Association of Asian Translation Industry” (located in Bangkok, Thailand). This association is composed of 13 Asian countries and regions that gathered to foster and improve the translation industry and the translators’ conditions in Asia.

近年においては、タイ商務省に認定された、13の理事国からなる「アジア翻訳業協会(AATI)所在地: タイ、バンコク」の創立メンバー兼日本代表理事として、アジアにおける翻訳業界の育成/向上にも務めています。

The sole agent of Wordbee in Japan

We are pleased to launch the distribution of the Wordbee products in Japan as the sole agent.
Over the past few years, the globalization trend in every sector in Japan is accelerating and the need for multilingual translations is growing along with it. This means more content and an even greater need for translation. Consequently, TMSs and Cat tools have become essential elements of the translation industry.

Amongst others, we recommend Wordbee Translator because of its reasonable prices, high security, and multiple functionalities and as such the product meets the needs of any translation environment.

With the Wordbee product, we would like to fully support and energize all worker bees involved in translations and make them happy! We believe Wordbee shall become very soon the most powerful and popular online translation and management solution in the Japanese market.

Please feel free to ask us for a trial (free of charge), and documentation in Japanese or English.

このたびWordbee S.A社の日本総代理店として、Wordbee製品を日本のお客様にお届けすることになりました。
類似のクラウド型サービスの中で、Wordbee Translatorは、価格面、万全なセキュリティ、あらゆる翻訳環境のニーズを満たす充実した機能の点で、きわめて優れた製品です。
Wordbee Translator無料トライアル版およびその他製品に関するご質問など、どうぞお気軽にお問い合わせください。

FIT XXth World congress


Wordbee is happy to announce its participation in the XXth FIT World Congress which is being held in Berlin, from August 4 to 6. The FIT event is the perfect platform for the actors of the translation industry from around the world to share their ideas and knowledge.The team will be present at booth E11, you can already book a meeting with one of our representatives by writing us at [email protected]. We hope to see you there!

Share ideas and help us preparing for new global adventures.

You will now find in the Wordbee Forum a wish list section, where we invite all our clients to share ideas and vote for the best ones. We truly partner with our clients so we can help them to be more successful. You will see us continue to evolve and enhance our technology. Get access to the wish list at the following address: https://wordbee.zendesk.com/forums

Thank you for your participation!

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