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by | Mar 18, 2015

Wordbee Beebox

In today’s globalised world, borders have given way to a world wide web of business opportunities. Even if live contacts remain important, companies increasingly have to rely on their virtual image to leave a lasting impression on potential customers and partners. Through the social media, companies try to attract attention and steer prospects to their websites or e-shops, hoping to turn potential business into actual turnover.

Keeping a website up-to-date is a fulltime job. This is proving to be a bigger challenge than expected for Language Service Providers, web agencies and marketing and content managers. Add to this that global business entails doing this in various languages, and the task becomes almost too daunting. This is why Wordbee developed the Beebox, a middleware system between clients’ Content Management Systems (CMS) and their Translation Management System(s) (TMS). In layman’s terms, the Beebox automatically scans the website or e-shop for updates or additions, and sends only those fragments out for translation. As soon as the translation is finished, the content is integrated back into the website, automatically or not, depending on the configuration that the client prefers. To start using the Beebox, it suffices to download and install a light plugin and connect that to the website CMS. No more manually tracking changes and solving technical issues, the translation workflow becomes smooth and seamless.

The only remaining question is what to do with the time and resources that suddenly become available … and we know the answer: focus on growing your business!

Want to know more about Beebox and its features? Visit our website at www.beeboxlinks.com or contact us for a demo at [email protected]

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