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by | Nov 16, 2015

Current trends in the translation industry and the importance of the EN-15038 norm

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Interview with Enrique Diaz de Liaño, Director General of Celer Soluciones, Spain.

CSA Research calculated that the market in 2015 for outsourced language services and supporting technology is €34.62 billion and it’s growing at an annual rate of 6.46%.  What is the trend in Spain, and how is your volume of orders developing?
This upward trend is obviously being experienced in Spain, although the main increase in business comes from outside Spain; not just in EU countries, such as the UK, Germany and Luxembourg, but also from countries on the other side of the Atlantic, particularly from the USA and Latin America.

Translation services today are provided by various entities, from small to large translation agencies, marketplaces and freelancers. How do you, as an LSP, face this competition?
Competition in the translation industry is tough, as in many other industries. The challenge is to do things well every single day, and doing things well means listening to our clients and meeting their needs as efficiently as possible. In other words, that’s in most suitable way, as fast as possible, and at a competitive price. It’s in our day-to-day activities, in how we treat our clients that we spot the challenges they’re facing and we make them our challenges. That’s what makes us different.

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Back translation workflow now available 

Have you ever been asked to integrate Back translation
and Reconciliation steps into your workflows? If you’re not sure what that means and what the purpose is, read on!

Back translation is the process of translating a document that has already been translated into a target language back to the original source language, after which a reconciliation step is needed to compare the obtained text with the original one and make necessary adjustments in the translation. This process ensures a high translation quality and accuracy level for sensitive projects.

Back translation and Reconciliation reports play an increasingly important role in the clinical trials‘ projects. Global Life Sciences companies will benefit greatly from this new feature because the costs of bad translations are high and the associated risks are real.

To learn how to implement a back-translation workflow in your Wordbee projects,click here!

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