Going Local: Learning from Hudson’s Bay’s Efforts at Expansion

Hudson’s Bay department store, of Canada, opened 15 stores in The Netherlands only to close them two years later. What happened and what can we learn from that?

How To Write And Localize Lay Summaries

What are lay summaries? How do you write and translate lay summaries? We’re glad you asked!

Essential localization books to hone your strategy and processes 

Jump-start your localization strategy with our list of essential localization resources, books, reports and how-to guides.

How to write machine translation ready source content

To get the most out of machine translation for enterprise content, you’ve got to learn how to prepare ideal source texts for machine translation.

About Financial Translation: 3 Keys from 2 Experts

Financial Translation is a difficult industry for everyone involved in it. Here are three keys to success for localization in finance.

What is the ROI of Terminology Management?

Is terminology work necessary before starting a translation project? How much time and money should I allocate? Is it even going to be profitable?

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Panel Webinar Series

Trends in Technical Communication

November 19th, 4:00pm to 5:00pm CET
Localization of technical documentation is linked with the methods & technology behind the documentation. In this panel, we discuss how it all fits together.

Terminology Duo: Panel Discussion + Solution Demo

September 4th, 4:00pm to 6:00pm CEST
In this panel, we tackle issues with data modeling and strategies for getting started with terminology for organizations, and we follow it up with a demo of Wordbee’s new terminology management solution.


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