How to calculate the ROI of a Translation Management System

What’s the ROI of a TMS and how to calculate it? Here’s a list of the essential components to help you decide which technological steps to take that make sense for your business.

Localization professionals and technology in the fight against COVID-19

Localization professionals and technology play a vital role in making sure that the right information about COVID-19 reaches the most vulnerable communities.

Calculating the ROI of Localization Is No Mean Feat

To calculate the return on investment of your localization efforts, you need to have clear in mind the essential components of the whole process. In this article, we’ll give you some suggestions on how to proceed.

Best Localization Practices For Global Clinical Trials

What is a global clinical trial? What are the main localization strategies? And how can we make the localization workflow more efficient?

3 Essentials for Linguistic Validation in Life Science Translation Projects

Set up efficient translation and linguistic validation processes for medical information with these three tips.

How To Build And Localize Your Knowledge Base

In this article, we share strategies and suggestions on how to build and localize your company’s knowledge base.

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