A Look into the Future with Wordbee’s new CEO

Andre Hemker, CEO, shares his take on industry trends and what you can look forward to from Wordbee.

Integrate Wordbee with WoodWing to streamline content localization & publication

Integrate Wordbee with WoodWing to benefit from the best of both worlds – powerful digital asset management combined with first class translation management.

Agile and Scrum: What do these terms really mean?

Let’s define what the words Agile and Scrum really mean in continuous software development and why it is important for software localization.

Continuous Software Development & Localization: The Quest for the Lunar Module

Continuous localization is key in software development. Let’s take a look at the essential features of the ideal middleware that bridges the gap between developers and linguists.

How to choose a TMS based on your Translation Standards

In this article, we discuss what translation standards are and why they are important when choosing a TMS.

Intento and Wordbee Announce Connector

Wordbee users can now access a wide range of third-party machine translation systems available through Intento.

Panel Webinar Series

Trends in Technical Communication

November 19th, 4:00pm to 5:00pm CET
Localization of technical documentation is linked with the methods & technology behind the documentation. In this panel, we discuss how it all fits together.


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