Beebox Alignment

by | Oct 2, 2016

This video shows how the Beebox can be used to align files.

Isn’t the Beebox translating Adobe AEM, SiteCore or WordPress and other CMS? Yes, but it can also be used for file preparation, text extraction, unique segment selection, machine translation, memory pre-translation, filtering, xliff job creation and more. It handles tens of thousands of files including version updates in a breeze. And it works with your existing CAT or TMS!

Peter Argondizzo from Argo Translation Inc. ( puts it this way:

Beebox has been an invaluable tool for Argo. We have used the tool in multiple ways including file alignment, optimizing huge file sets and as a CMS connector. Basically the tool saves us tons of time so we can focus on the important aspects of a project instead of file handling. Here are a few ways that Beebox has helped us most recently.

File alignment, we recently had a customer provide us with some legacy translation that was handled without using a TMS so no translation memory was available.  A translation memory would be helpful to minimize the work on the update. We successfully used Beebox to align the files, create XLIFF files that were reviewed and ultimately used to create a translation memory.

CMS connector, we recently connected Wordbee to a client’s Kentico CMS that manages their website. This allows the client to automatically push new pages and updates directly into our translation management system Wordbee. Once we complete the translation we can automatically push the pages right back to the client’s CMS. The connector decreases the time and money required to manage and translate a multi-language website.

Management of enormous projects, a client recently submitted a project made up of over 1200 XML files. By using Beebox we were able to merge the files into 10 XLIFF files which made the project far easier to manage. Furthermore, we were able to filter the content in the entire file set and lock a large number of segments that were not meant to be translated. This saved the client money and time and reduced the work required by our project managers and translators.

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