Rock-solid translation memory and linguistic tools

Build a linguistic foundation.

Reliability and performance

Consistent matching algorithms help you leverage your memory and “never translate almost the same thing twice.”

Centralized resources

Having all your memories in one place makes your business easier. Oh, and translators use the same memories at the same time. Magic!

Leverage in workflows

Granular controls for workflows, pricing, invoicing, and more based on Wordbee’s fuzzy matches and translation memory.

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Benefits unique to Wordbee’s translation memory

Collaborative memories

Multiple translators can work on different documents within a project using the same memories and glossaries and our “auto-propagation” technology.

No more sending files

Everyone works from the same memory at the same time, which streamlines your entire organization and makes it easy to maintain your resources.

Create master memories

Create master memories based on project memories, and setup specific rules that help keep your memory useful and clean for the future.

Integrated finance

Translation memories save you money, especially when Wordbee automatically manages invoices based on fuzzy match hits.


Auto-propagate translation memory hits across a translation project in real-time.

Search across projects

Translators and managers can search for terms across a project in real-time to see how other translators may have translated a term.

Global search

Search across everything you’ve ever done for a customer, even if it was done 10 years ago.


Use our concordance live quality assurance checks to make sure that you are using the same translations consistently.

World-class CAT tool

To better understand the Wordbee translation memory, take a look at our CAT tool

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