New jobs add-ons available within the New Editor

Wordbee is proud to announce 2 new add-ons in our continuous New Editor feature. Users are now able to switch and update jobs without closing the New Editor.

Glocalization: How Brands Stay Globally And Locally Relevant

Staying globally and locally relevant is essential when establishing an international brand. If you start by implementing these five tips, you’re on the path toward a happy, universal audience.

The Unique Approach of Life Sciences in the Localization Industry

Learn from our panelists about managing clinical trials, the challenge of building up medical translators teams, or...

Signal vs. Noise: Using KPIs to Improve Localization

      Ever get lost in data? Find out how our panelists use data effectively to improve their localization team, which...

Strategies For Managing Your Freelance Translation Empire

Starting a freelance business is tough in any profession. Not only do you have to figure out best practices of your...

Take Control Of Your Translation Editor User Interface

Register to attend the webinar or at any time to view the recording. Webinar overview When you start using the Editor...
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