Languages & the Media 2020

December 14-16, 2020

Let’s meet at Languages & the Media 2020

Wordbee will be attending Languages & the Media, the 13th International Conference on Language Transfer in Audiovisual Media which is all about recent trends that are fast becoming reality in audiovisual localization.

Get in touch to schedule a meeting ahead of time with Andre Hemker, our Audiovisual Media and Localization expert.

About the conference

Languages & the Media, the Biennial International Conference on Audiovisual Language Transfer in the Media, has established itself as Europe’s leading conference in the AVT industry and is a vibrant hub for exchange, learning and discussion.

The conference brings together content creators and distributors, broadcasters, streaming services, language services providers, software and hardware developers, researchers, trainers, practitioners, and all those involved in the production, marketing and distribution of audiovisual content for information, entertainment or educational purposes through localization and accessibility. The conference sessions and workshops examine the trends, innovations and technologies that are changing the globalized provision of audiovisual media and the ways we consume it across and within languages.

Where and When?

  • Location: Berlin
  • Dates: December 14-16, 2020
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