Date: Tuesday, March 28, 2017
Time: 18:00
Place: Hotel Okura, Amsterdam

Creating a quality event, establishing a tradition within the Wordbee community members and providing a platform where Wordbee users meet and share ideas was a key goal of us from the outset. Our mission is to create an interesting, informative yet entertaining event, exchange ideas, experiences and share our exciting future plans about Wordbee!

It has been exciting to witness the growth of the event and the number of attendees rise day by day. With only a few weeks to go and new users registering daily for the 1st Wordbee Users Meeting in Amsterdam, we are happy to announce more details about the event.

What is in for you at the 1st Wordbee Users Meeting:

- Discover Wordbee’s brand new editor
- Check out new features of the Wordbee Translator and the Wordbee Beebox.
- Learn how a global leader in the aviation industry has improved its translation management with Wordbee technology.
- Meet the Wordbee team members including the head of the development team, Stephan Böhmig and Wordbee’s CEO José Vega.
- Get together with other Wordbee users from a variety of business sectors.
- Enjoy a fabulous dinner at the 5-star Hotel Okura in Amsterdam

Please note that you need to register for this event so that we can provide you with your access badge.

To register click here.

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