newsletter 2 (2)Wordbee offers best-in-class translation management technology for the gaming industry. What at first seemed like a challenge, turned out to be the perfect match for Wordbee’s advanced platform; Multiple types of content, tight code restrictions and strict time limits to achieve successful global release.

For our clients in the gaming industry, we are exhibiting at the Game Connection in San Francisco. Game Connection is the international event where developers, publishers, distributors, and service providers meet for more than a decade now. The Wordbee team will demonstrate the new business reporting features as well as the latest developments in Wordbee Translator and Wordbee Beebox. Herb Fyfield and Jamie Duyns will be there to help you discover ways to translate your content and make your localization project simple. For appointments, do not hesitate to contact them directly or use this form.

Can’t make it to Games Connection but still have questions about Wordbee? Use thisform and submit your inquiry or simply email us. More information about Games Connection San Francisco you find here and about our products here.

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