Running Global Clinical Trials: Best Practices for Efficiency

Global Clinical Trials are becoming more and more popular. In this panel discussion, we sit down with experts in the field to discuss the best practices for running global clinical trials, with a spotlight on localization. We’ll follow up the panel discussion with a short overview of how Wordbee’s translation management software is such a perfect fit for global clinical trials, life sciences, and the greater medical industry.

April 8th, 2020 @ 4PM CET

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Software Localization (Agile)

Localization managers from InEight, Uber, Stripe, and Evernote joined us to discuss the solutions they are coming up with for specific software loc problems. Awesome talents!

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Super talented loc managers from Blablacar, TUI hotels, and GoEuro talked about their challenges. Super interesting to see three loc managers in three different phases of team building.

Games, games, games!

Our inaugural panel was awesome. We talked with specialists from Gameforge, Paradox (gooooo strategy games!), and two key consultants.

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