Customizing E-Mail Templates in WBT

July 23rd, 2018 @ 5PM-6PM CEST

What you can learn in this webinar

Email templates by Wordbee

Our team has a great set of email templates that can help you get started with project automation right away.

Modifiy email templates

As you go, you might want to modify the standard templates. Here’s how!

Include more project details

We’ll also show you how to include any details that are not included in the standard templates.

Your presenter

Cagdas Acar

Cagdas Acar


Cagdas is a jack-of-all-trades, playing critical roles in feature releases, customer training, and pre-sales. His knowledge of localization automation is vast.

He also enjoys the Ottoman History podcast.

Want cool localization techniques straight to your email?

Want cool localization techniques straight to your email?

Keep up on the latest in localization management techniques with Wordbee.

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Wordbee all-round features

Reaching global markets means you need to get your translation management together. 

Integration with your source control system

Beebox Connectors let you translate content management systems (CMS) and other content in a highly automated manner. You can use our off-the-shelf connectors.

Live preview

Translators and managers see a live preview of the translated site

Finally, the curtain is lifted and your team can translate directly on the fully-rendered web page.

Live Preview is an add on to Beebox that lets you preview CMS, static or dynamic web sites while you translate. Translators see translations in context with fully preserved layout and rendering.

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