Game Localization Panel: Techniques and Strategies

Join us on November 16th, 2017 from 4PM - 5PM CEST for our panel discussion!

Webinar overview

In this panel, experienced professionals working in the field of Game Localization will come together to discuss their best practices, share information about Game Localization projects & workflows and other valuable industry-related insights.

Having worked for major gaming companies, all our panelists have years of experience in Game Localization and tons of knowledge that they will happily share with you!

Time and date

  • November 16th, 4:00pm - 5:00pm CEST
  • Free registration

Topics covered

  • Best practices
  • Game Localization projects & workflows
  • A whole lot more, valuable industry-related insights

The Panelists

Sarah Beuter: Head of Localization at Gameforge

Artur Foxander: Senior QA Manager at Paradox Interactive

Aline Müller: Game Localization Expert & Organisational Consultant

Daniel Finck: Owner, Independent Consultant & Solutions Architect at Loquatics Consulting

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