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Wordbee helps the world’s biggest airlines reach their customers

How we helped Air France

Like so many in the travel and tourism industry, Air France has tremendous challenges with their global content management and localization. They have 90 websites, and translate up to 2 million words into 21 languages each year. Their websites garnered 380 million visits in 2016 alone.

Air France needed tools to manage and automate their translation projects, creating new processes that would ultimately reduce their translation costs. They conducted a thorough review of cloud-based tools that provide the kind of agility and cost-savings they were looking for, and ultimately chose Wordbee.

The Wordbee solution that best fit their needs included Wordbee Translator, an all-in-one platform for management and collaborative translation and Wordbee Beebox, a connectivity solution that interfaces with their OpenText TeamSite CMS.

“We chose Wordbee for its ease of use and the quality of their translation technology, but also for the proximity and the quality of the support their team offers. The expected returns will be quite important and we hope for a significant decrease of our localization costs over the next 6 months once the entire process has been implemented – and in particular thanks to the use of translation memories. But beyond that, Wordbee will enable us to add consistency to our translations, to increase the quality by eliminating errors when updating and to put our translated content online faster.” Jérémy Henry

Directeur du contenu numérique chez Air France., Air France

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Wordbee helps worldwide hotel chains stay efficient

How we helped TUI hotels

The TUI Group has around 325 Group-owned hotels with 239,000 beds in about 30 countries, and has A LOT of multilingual content to localize.

TUI hotels chose Wordbee not just for the cost-savings and quality associated with end-to-end translation management and integrated linguistic tools, but in particular for Wordbee Translator’s billing and invoicing processes.

In Wordbee Translator, invoices for individual translators, as well as third-party service providers, are generated automatically based on granular pricing controls per vendor and accurate word count information, with customization possible at every step.

Combined with cool solutions like monthly invoice aggregation, status management, and automatic sending processes, hotel chains like TUI can focus on their brand and bookings growth.

« Endless possibilities to present our international communication in a multilingual manner to make it more professional, including a perfect billing process. Good support for our website and app. » TUI BLUE

Directeur Marketing Online, Chaîne hôtelière TUI Blue

Features the travel and tourism industry loves

Wordbee Translator meets your very specific needs


Wordbee Translator integrates with any system on Earth.

Gestion supérieure

Workflows and processes tailored for your business.

Projets automatiques

Management of regular projects can be largely automated.

Traduction automatique

Use machine translation together with people to save money.

Facturation parfaite

Wordbee dominates finance and accounting. Make it easy on your business.

Cohérence avec la terminologie

Consistency is a key point for global brands. Wordbee has tools specifically designed for your branding and localization team.

Faites des économies avec la mémoire de traduction

Never pay for the same sentence twice.

Portail de commande à l'échelle de l'organisation

Let people in your organization order translations from your internal order portal.

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