Every industry is different.

Wordbee has localization solutions for global enterprises, SMBs, LSPs, and freelance translators.

Large enterprises

Large enterprises include businesses of all types, from airlines to medical manufacturers. They all share one thing in common: the desire to control their own localization processes.


LSPs or Language Service Providers are vital cogs in the global business framework. Companies of all sizes rely on their know-how, localization services, and technical prowess.

Freelance translators

Translators themselves are the most important part of any localization project. They are also among our most valued customers!

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Analytics and reporting

Know in one glance which managers, translators, clients, and projects are performing as expected. Make critical decisions.

Enterprise content integrations

Connect your translation workflows to Sharepoint or Adobe AEM to easily kickoff projects and make sure departments get what they need as soon as possible.

Website CMS integrations

Connect to Wordpress, Sitecore, and several other website CMS solutions to make sure your website or e-commerce content is always translated and up-to-date.

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Want cool localization techniques straight to your email?

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