Localization solutions in the Consumer Electronics Industry

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How to be successful at localization for consumer electronics

Success = varied requirements + time-to-market

In consumer electronics, product launches and time-to-market can be game changers. Technical documentation, marketing materials, user interfaces… it all needs to be localized according to standard styleguides, terminology, and of course the target market’s expectations… and all in time for huge product launches.

Nobody wants to see localization come anywhere close to compromising a release date.

Wordbee comprehensive solution provides an all-in-one experience for the consumer electronics industry, featuring streamlined workflows for  for translations projects such as:

  • Web content at scale
  • Technical documentation
  • User interfaces for software
  • Advertising and marketing (some of the largest marketing firms in the world use Wordbee)

All while making sure that the customer experience interacting with the localized output is flawless and natural.

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A taste of how consumer electronics companies can use Wordbee

Wordbee is HUGE, with 10 years of development and pound-for-pound the most features on the market. This is just a taste. 

Documentation translation

Wordbee is able to translate large volumes of supporting content such as product manuals and descriptions, services briefs and websites. It also translates any type of file and save money and time with a translation memory and integrated machine translation.

Linguistic resources

Thanks to Wordbee Translator, you are allowed to centralize and manage all your linguistic resources in one place.  Real-time, contextual linguistic resources make it easy for the system to remember previous translations and apply them to new translations. This saves time and lowers translation costs while increasing throughput.

Automated project workflows

Continuous and Dynamic Translation (CoDyT), designed by Wordbee, automates or enhances management in every phase of your business, maintains flexibility, and reduces friction in the translation workflow. With automated workflows, these steps are taken care of without any extra efforts.

Different departments, same great results

Marketing departments, documentation teams, different language service providers, engineers, content marketers, website developers, partner managers… it doesn’t matter who they are, they can all work in Wordbee. Centralize your processes, linguistic resources, and teams. Make things easier for everyone, and stop using four softwares when you can use one.

Features the Consumer Electronics Industry loves

Wordbee Translator meets your very specific needs

Effortless integrations

Wordbee Translator integrates with any system around the globe.

Exceptional management process

Tailored workflows and process for your business.

Automatic project workflows

Implement the workflow that you need. Then automate it to achieve further savings.

Efficient machine translation

Use machine translation how it best helps your project. Several options are available in Wordbee.

Excellent invoicing and billing

Wordbee makes it easy for your business by dominating finance and accounting.

Reliable with terminology

Consistency is a key word for global companies. Wordbee has features specifically designed for your branding and localization team.

Reduce cost with translation memories

Never loose money by paying for the same sentence twice.

Expanded ordering portal

Streamlined communication and let your team mates order translations from your internal order portal.

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