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Organization makes you profitable

Quality goes up, costs go down. Control goes up, chaos goes down. Efficiency goes up, wasted money goes down.

Get it under control

Wordbee is comprehensive. In-house staff, third-party companies, freelance translators, and your experts can play their role in an organized way.

Connect your content

 With 40+ connectors and custom connectors available, get your content sources, organization, and linguistic resources under one roof.


End-to-end enterprise translation: Linguistic tools, project management, machine translation, and business management

Because great enterprise translation means less systems, not more systems.

The right choice

Enterprise translation that is ready to scale with you right now

Wordbee enterprise translation software offers more features for enterprises than any other system. Wordbee fits your needs like a glove right now, but will also fit your needs as your requirements grow.

Free trial

Start your 15 day free trial or talk to one of our localization consultants.


With Wordbee, localization starts working for you

Wordbee has mastered the complexities of Localization 2.0, featuring several solutions that were unthinkable even a few years ago. Enterprise translation has never been better.


100% customizable automation is available for the largest enteprises. You can even automate the automation.


Enterprise translation means connecting with several content systems, from digital asset management to cloud storage. Wordbee does it all.

Some stakeholders, like experts or managers, were left in the dark. Not anymore… give them a spot in your workflow and let them do their thing.


Your security is our top priority

Most enteprises are rightly concerned about security. Wordbee has several features that enterprise clients appreciate.

Centralized control
Use two-factor authentication, mandatory password resets, encryption, or whitelist IPs for any stakeholders who need access.

User permissions
Set granular user permissions for any stakeholders that need to access Wordbee.

Secure datacenter
Wordbee works with a highly secure datacenter. Do not hesitate to ask us about security!

Need to improve your localization processes?

Find out the top 10 reasons why Wordbee is the best choice for enterprise translation.

Machine translation

Enterprise translation with streamlined MT for huge cost savings

Use the machine translation provider of your choice
Out-of-the-box integrations include Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, Google Translate, Lingua Custodia and Tauyou.

Train your own MT engine and improve over time
As your human translators work with your machine translation, the machine translator learns and improves.

Use machine translation in the way that best suits your needs
Post-editing is when a human translator revises a machine translation. This is the most popular option, but you can deploy machine translation in several ways.

Big sites, lots of assets

Nail your multi-site, multilingual deployment

Corporations have struggled with multilingual, multi-site deployments. But the idea was the right one.

True middleware connects your CMS, DMS, or ECM to  localization
Connect your content sources with our Beebox integrations, centralize your linguistic resources, and ship jobs to the localization team or system of your choice.

Translate right on the page, in-context for corporate websites
When your translators and managers can edit a translation right on the webpage, quality, speed, and time management get so much simpler.

Have a good plan

If your organization is not using integrations or translation management, you’re missing out. Reaching new markets can be so much easier.


Unlock your potential with business analytics and reports

Find out where you are wasting time
Time is lost at different phases of a translation project. If you know where the time goes, you can make choices that improve your speed and ultimately, your time-to-market.

Improve the quality of your translations
Wordbee ratings, proofreading scores, and more are tracked per supplier. Identify your best translators and reward them with more work.

Identify your best managers and workflows
What is your organization doing right? What are you best at? Improve from top to bottom by identifying your best workflows and managers.

Manage your finances

Automate invoicing and connect it to accounting

Automatic and customizable invoicing for suppliers, supplier companies, or internal departments that can be connected directly to your accounting system.

Choose your next step

Start a free trial

Our features are bottomless

The best way to discover them is in a free trial or demonstration with our friendly staff.

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