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High tech companies rely on powerful translation tools

How Wordbee can transform your business

The high tech industry is defined by its cutting edge technology mostly involving complicated procedures, huge amounts of specific terminology, and the need for global support, striving for growth and international expansion.

Being a global player offering the most advanced technology on the market requires multilingual workflows. Therefore, you need to have powerful translation technology in place to support your needs.

Wordbee Translator offers a complete one-stop Translation Management Solution for all your multilingual projects. Automated translation workflows have proven to be of quintessential importance, as it has enabled the timely management of vast projects, and the accurate delivery of all translations required.

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Wordbee helps leading high tech companies support their business in any language

How we helped Nikon Precision

Nikon Precision Inc. are wholly owned subsidiaries of Nikon Corporation. As one of the world’s largest optical companies and with decades of experience as a manufacturer of optical lenses and precision equipment, Nikon is the leading global supplier of Semiconductor lithography systems.

When Nikon evaluated Translation Management Systems they focused not only on tools that automate their processes but more importantly they wanted a tool that supports the Japanese language. With Wordbee Translator they found both.

Wordbee dominates Japanese language support and modern workflows, helping companies to keep their costs down. The full list of Japanese features includes a Japanese interface, support for Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana syllabaries, Japanese date formats, Japanese-specific calendars, as well as full-width and half-width numbers. This technology is used in other areas of the translation management system to provide accurate word counts, and correct segmentation, as well as translation memory applications including pre-translation.

“After considering different web-based translation tools, we decided to go with Wordbee due to their extensive Japanese language support features. All functions work and talk to each other, and the Wordbee team understands both language issues and language business issues, and responds logically to them.”
Andrew Jones

Global Communications Manager, Nikon Precision Inc.

Features the high tech industry loves

Wordbee Translator meets your very specific needs


Integrate with your content management or documentation systems.

Superior management

Manage traditional or contemporary translation workflows, including post-editing or mandatory QA.

Super LQA

Wordbee quality assurance checks keep your translations in good shape, even as you translate more content.

Machine translation

Use it when you want to and how you want to. Wordbee is flexible and designed to fit your company like a glove.

Financial management

It’s well-known that nobody dominates invoicing and accounting quite like Wordbee.

Technical terms

Manage technical terms and propagate them across projects, even when a whole team is working in the same project.

Reliable Translation memory

Count on Wordbee’s translation memory to provide reliable matches and savings every time.

Organization-wide ordering portal

Different departments can order translations. Apply special workflows for different projects, originating from different parts of the business.

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