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How we help Hogarth Worldwide run like clockwork

Hogarth Worldwide, the WPP-owned marketing implementation agency that produces marketing communications for global brands is a world leader in transcreation. Known for their operational excellence, they dominate the balance between brand identity and connecting with consumers in local markets.

The need to deliver high quality, localized content and managing 20% annual growth made apparent the need for a reliable and scalable solution that reduces production times and human errors. Compounding this difficulty, they also need to conform to strict security policies of multinational companies.

Hogarth spent six months evaluating every available solution on the market before choosing Wordbee Translator. Now over 5,000 internal project managers, linguists and external clients & stakeholders use Wordbee’s platform to manage huge translation & localization projects. And it runs like clockwork. Read the full story here.

“After growing year-over-year at 20%-30%, it was really difficult to scale file-based solutions so we decided to invest in a SaaS solution. Obviously, platform licensing was on the top of my list. Then, user-friendliness and a smarter way of working. It would have to be a tool that would already meet, at least, most of the requirements we had as a marketing production company. We need to deliver very high quality content, customizable to the different requirements of different clients. When choosing Wordbee, acceptance across freelancers was very good, so the success rate was very high. We need to combine a very good talent pool with software technology to facilitate the collaboration between all stakeholders in projects of this complexity. And Wordbee made it easy.”
Rui Milheiro

Director of Localization and Translation Technology , Hogarth

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How we helped Creative Translation

Creative Translation, a translation agency specialized in marketing and advertising, teamed up with Wordbee to enable them to successfully complete the near impossible task of kicking off a one-million word project in one week. Creative Translation was asked to re-write and edit an entire website and a brand history book for one of their clients, and to set up teams of linguists for 9 languages, who had to translate up to 150.000 words per language.

With the help of our dedicated support team and Wordbee Translator, Creative Translation was able to swiftly process the reference material that had been supplied in various formats and at different times, and turn it into a workable Translation Memory for the translators. After this, the project managers were able to assign files and tasks simultaneously to the linguists for all languages, so that a timely delivery of extremely large workloads was guaranteed.

Wordbee Translator offers a complete Translation Management Solution, even for challenging projects such as this one. Automated projects have proven to be of quintessential importance, as it has enabled the automation of the translation workflow, the timely management of this vast project, and the correct delivery of all translations required.

“Even though Wordbee Translator was a new tool for both the Project Managers and the linguists, it was very easy to start working with Wordbee thanks to the support  and training offered by the Wordbee Team. The tool is easy to use and to customize, and hence to integrate in the existing workflows. Moreover, the safe cloud storage is particularly important, both in terms of confidentiality and accessibility.”
Aleksandra Zuliani

Senior Project Manager, Creative Translation

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Connect Wordbee to all your digital asset or content management systems.

Project management

Give your project managers the tools they need to be successful.


Automate stuff that doesn’t really make your system better. Focus on what does.

Machine translation

Use neural machine translation in the way that best meets your needs.


Nobody dominates financial management and analytics like Wordbee.

Consistency with terminology

Your customers need to maintain a consistent brand across languages. Presto!

Save money with translation memory

Translation memory is the core of any CAT tool. Wordbee is as solid as they come.

Organization-wide ordering portal

Different departments or even clients can order translations right in your very own portal.

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