Helping Translation Providers and LSPs with the things that matter most

Wordbee has been solving the challenges of Translation Service Providers, one by one, for a decade.

Improve quality

From translation management to our integrated linguistic tools, our translation agency software helps your team focus on doing their best.

Run an efficient business

Manage every project type, leverage your translation memories, and improve with our complete suite of agency business management tools.

Business tools for scaling

Powerful business analytics, reports, and financial management to help your business grow and scale into a bigger, better company.

Flexibility and service


Software that fits your translation business like a glove

Years of assisting and listening to customers has resulted in very specific solutions that are tailored for your unique business, no matter which industries or languages you work in.

Win deals and scale


Win more deals by offering more capabilities

Offer innovative solutions to customers and prospects that your competitors do not have the technology to offer.

Integrate and automate

Integrate your translation system directly with your customers Content or Asset Management Systems. Automate workflow kickoffs to improve your margins.

Customer portal

Offer a branded portal to your customers where they can create orders, receive deliveries, and approve instant quotations.

Quality and linguistic resources

Improve consistency and reliability of the translations you offer. Offer cost-savings to customers based on translation memories.

Are you a translation service provider or LSP?

We’ve got 100 great reasons why you should demo Wordbee today. Here are 10 of them.

A faster experience


Start projects faster and finish strong

Offer instant quotes to customers

Your customers can login to your customer portal, upload an order, get a machine translation, and approve an instant quote… in minutes.

Automated kickoffs and handoffs

Kickoff jobs automatically, and let Wordbee handoff jobs like proofreading, saving your project and managers time and money.

Centralized tools make you faster

Wordbee is an all-in-one system with integrated linguistic tools. Centralizing management and translation into one platform makes your business more agile.

Machine translation


Incorporate machine translation to improve profits and stay competitive

Use the machine translation provider of your choice

Out-of-the-box integrations include Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, Google Translate, Lingua Custodia and Tauyou.

Win more deals

Some projects are made better with machine translation workflows, especially online content that expires or is low-cost.

MT Hive & MS Office

Customers can order machine translations or human translations directly from your MT Hive portal or even in Outlook or MS Word.

Free trial

Start your 15 day free trial or talk to one of our localization consultants.



Unlock tremendous return on investment

Cut translation management time in half

Wordbee immediately cuts management time in half, saving you time, money, and making your managers’ lives better.

Streamline your operation

Wordbee includes translation management, business and financial management, and translation software, memory, and linguistic tools in one. This cuts your “administration” work in half.

Offer what no one else can offer

Wordbee is an enterprise-class system that allows you to expand the types of projects that you take on, and makes you more likely to win big deals.

Manage your finances


Automate invoicing for translators and customers

Pricing for customers and translators is easy to setup in Wordbee. Client and translator invoices can be created, aggregated automatically on schedule, and customised. Connect to your accounting system for further savings.

KPIs that every LSP needs


Use analytics and reports to improve your bottom line

Look for possible improvements in your financials, management, translators, clients, project types, and more. Localization KPIs and metrics are the best way to take your company to the next level.

Choose your next step

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Our features are bottomless

The best way to discover them is in a free trial or demonstration with our friendly staff.

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