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Episode 24: Kathrin Bussmann, founder of Verbaccino

We’re joined by Kathrin Bussmann, founder of Verbaccino and host of the Worldly Marketer podcast, as she talks about the benefits of podcasting and how to get started creating your own podcast.

Episode 23: Gabriele Sauberer, director of the International Network for Terminology

Terminology can save companies inside and outside the translation industries lots of time and money, but even today it remains an elusive industry. That’s why we invited Gabriele Sauberer, director of the International Network for Terminology, to talk about what a typical project looks like, how to go about choosing a terminology tool, and how diverse terminologies can lead to a diverse workforce.

Episode 22: Gábor Bessenyei, CEO of Globalese

This time, we’ve got a whole episode all about machine translation, specifically about NMT! Join Gábor Bessenyei of Globalese as he discusses where MT has come from and where it’s going, including how it can improve productivity and why gauging quality is so important … but so tricky.

Episode 21: Stacey Brown-Summers, CEO of Mindlink

Wordbee met up with Stacey Brown-Summers, CEO of Mindlink, at LocWorld 38 in Seattle! At our first live International Buzz taping, we talked to Stacey about how she works to simplify translation processes for those entirely outside of the industry and about her projects trying to connect local governments, schools, and non-profits to translators & interpreters.

Episode 20: Olivier Debeugny, CEO of Lingua Custodia

Olivier Debeugny, CEO of Lingua Custodia, came on The International Buzz to talk about translation and localization in the financial sector. Join us as we discuss the unique task of translating urgent, financial documents, and how he’s using machine translation solutions that are specialized for the financial domain to deliver results faster.

Episode 17: Anne-Marie Colliander Lind, Translation Industry Business Consultant

Anne-Marie Colliander Lind, CEO at, shares how Language Service Providers can better sell their services to end clients, and how smaller LSPs can compete against bigger ones. Understanding that sales is a team effort and how to implement that is an essential part of her sales coaching. Is sales the new marketing? Or marketing the new sales?

Episode 16: Caroline Alberoni, Founder of Alberoni Translations

Caroline Alberoni talks on the International Buzz about how to deal with clients as a freelance translator and make them fall in love with you, sharing techniques that work for her like promptly responding to client messages, truly understanding their needs and clear communication.

Episode 14: Leon Leid, Localization Project Manager at InEight

Leon Leid, Localization Project Manager at InEight joined us on the International Buzz to discuss software localization. He shared with us how they got their localization department started, the difficulty of implementing localization in the development process and his wish for a live preview during the translation work.

Episode 11: Patrizia Napoli, founder of Language Box

Patrizia Napoli talks about the idea behind her language service consultancy company called Language Box. From her experience as a consultant but also as a freelance translator she knows that localization is often still an afterthought and strives to drive awareness to the industry. Once you experience automation and the wide range of possibilities of a good Translation Management System you will never go back to!

Episode 10: Bruno Herrmann, previous Digital Globalization Director at Nielsen

In this episode of the International Buzz we talk to Bruno Herrmann, previous Digital Globalization Director at Nielsen. While discussing the need for snackable content, he also explains what it takes to produce good global content, and why he prefers referring to AI as automated intelligence as an alternative definition.

Episode 8: Kate Edwards, CEO of Geogrify LLC

In this episode your co-hosts Tanja Falkner & Robert Rogge talked to Kate Edwards, independent consultant in her own company Geogrify and former Executive Director of IGDA. Kate is an expert in providing geocultural and geopolitical content strategies, and told us how her job allows her to mix two things she’s absolutely passionate about – culturalization & video games.

Episode 7: Luigi Muzii, founder of sQuid

In this episode of The International Buzz we spoke with Luigi Muzii, founder of sQuid, about having controversial opinions and the issues one is facing when being outspoken. We discussed quality standards, error prevention, and which part technology plays in solving problems.

Episode 6: Dion Wiggins, CTO at Omniscien Technologies

In this episode of International Buzz, guest host Mark Shriner talks with Dion Wiggins CTO and Co-Founder of Omniscien Technologies about the latest developments with machine translation and the localisation industry overall. Dion introduces the newest MT technology, and shares his views about where MT is making it’s greatest inroads, and what translators should expect in the future.

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