Soluzioni di localizzazione nell'industria automobilistica

L'industria automobilistica è stata frenata da sistemi "legacy" per la traduzione. Non più!
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Automotive localization for the current decade

Automotive companies are updating to Wordbee, leaving the past behind

The automotive industry has been for decades a trend-setter in the global marketplace and economy.

As major global brands, automotive companies have an immediate and critical demand for translations. These needs can span normal marketing and advertising materials, such as billboards, magazine ads, websites, and commercials, or brand-specific projects such as car catalogs and information brochures used in dealerships.

Wordbee Translator has solutions for every step in your process. Control costs, quality, and the entire workflow in a way that customized for your business needs, or even the needs of individual departments.

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How Wordbee can help with delivery of user manuals and aftermarket content

Wordbee is the most amazing fully customizable end to end tool for the automotive localization industry.

Traduzioni tutto in uno

Wordbee can easily and efficiently manage translation projects such as owner manuals, contracts, sales slips & training documents, spare parts and components documentation, websites, and onboard digital computer systems. Wordbee and Beebox Integrations support all major file types making it a powerful solution for the Automotive Industry.

La localizzazione semplice

Wordbee Beebox is a software solution to translate files, documents or content management systems (CMS) in an automated or manual manner. Use memories, pseudo-translation, machine-translation, human-translation or any combination thereof. Beebox is the smart solution for translating any content anywhere.

Adattata al mercato, adattata al contesto

Translation documents can all be translated and reviewed out by the Wordbee Editor. Time-to-market and costs are considerably reduced by performing the incontext editing online. Therefore, removing rework costs and increasing quality.

I benefici dell'integrazione della traduzione automatizzata con Wordbee

Wordbee has the advantage to integrate with the most powerful machine translation (MT) engines such as Google Translate, Bing, Reverso and Lingua Custodia. Providing complete automatic translation workflow without any human intervention. Wordbee provides the ideal translation platform and can automatically return the corrected text to the MT system for recycling.

Features the Automotive Industry loves

Wordbee Translator meets your very specific needs

Integrazioni efficienti

Harmonious integration with any system on the market.

Ottima gestione

Reliable workflow processes specficly tailored for your business.

Progetti automatizzati

Automation of regular projects can be largely automated.

Funzionalità di traduzione automatica superiori

Cost effective and reliable advantage by using machine translation.

Strumenti di gestione della fatturazione impeccabili

Wordbee simplifies online invoicing and billing making it easy to your business.

Una alta coerenza con la terminologia

Exceptional consistency with Wordbee tools specifically designed for your branding and localization team.

Risparmia denaro con le memorie di traduzione

Cost effective reuse of past translation memories for future translations.

Un portale per la tua organizzazione facile da gestire

Let your team mates order translations directly from your internal order portal.

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