Media localization: How the largest media companies use Wordbee

Le maggiori società del settore mediatico nel mondo si affidano a Wordbee Translator
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Why Viacom chooses Wordbee for their media localization

How we helped Viacom


Media corporations have a huge variety of file types, workflows, and requirements. Our early collaborations with GIANT media companies has helped us cover every possible scenario.


Media companies are tough, and so is Wordbee. What can you throw at Wordbee? InDesign. Excel. Funky Word docs. Photoshop. Subtitles. Special workflows. Ultra-fast turnaround times.

Gestione finanziaria

In a high pressure media environment, nothing is worse than getting tripped up on the details. This is why invoicing and translator management is pretty much automatic in Wordbee.

Progetti dinamici

What you do in one language may or may not go into all the others, especially in media! Wordbee handles your hodge-podge of language combinations, files, and file versions, all within a single project.

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Features the media industry adores

Wordbee Translator meets your very specific needs


Integrate with whatever system you got. Media companies might have assets in several different systems… connect them all.

Gestione dei flussi di lavoro

The right workflow for the request every single time. Sigh of relief. Your video subtitles get one workflow, and your media press releases get another.


What can you automate? Whatever is going to make you better and faster, without compromising quality. We’ve identified areas of automation specifically tailored for media companies.

Traduzione automatica

Sometimes it helps. Sometimes it doesn’t. Use it the right way for your project or organization.


Don’t lose time on the basics. Invoicing and accounting is super easy and mostly automatic in Wordbee. Focus on what you do best: media!


Use our glossary system for keeping consistency with your brand, without getting so hung up on terminology that you can’t get stuff done.

Risparmia denaro con le memorie di traduzione

Translation memory of the best kind: easy, accurate, and fast. Our tech is first-class at the linguistic level.

Un portale clienti adatto alla tua organizzazione

People need to order translations inside your huge media corporation. So we built a portal just for you!

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