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Improve Your Security With Wordbee SSO

Improve Your Security With Wordbee SSO

The SSO functionality is designed to manage login credentials for various applications within the same organization. The user authentication provided by Wordbee, can also use the SSO, which authenticates users with existing enterprise sign-on pages.

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Release Notes 13/09/2018

[NEW] Sentiment analysis - A new set of tools
Sentiment analysis aims to determine the attitude of a source text or translation with respect to the overall contextual polarity or emotional reaction. A translation may be perfect yet lack the emotional content that you want to convey. We now propose all tools to leverage sentiment analysis for your benefits.
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[NEW] Picklist custom fields: New setting to show field as two cascading drop down lists
Picklist custom fields can now be configured to show as two cascading drop downs. When editing the custom field: Tick the new “Cascading pick list” option and choose a “split character”

[NEW] New Editor - Segments missing page size change
Fixed a bug where segments are missing because of a page size change. The editor is now forced to page 1.

[NEW] [Editor] Fix autopropagation not updating consistently
We have fixed an issue where autopropagation was not reflected on the loaded pages in certain circumstances until a manual page reload.

[IMPROVE] [Editor] Add term in term list
In the editor, when adding a term in a term list, we had to fill all the source languages, which is different in the old editor. We want to keep some consistancy between those.

Release Notes 11/09/2018

[NEW] [Editor] A new interface option is available to display segments in a more compact view
A new setting is available that allows you to change the way segments are displayed. You can now choose to hide the information underneath each segment to save space, or to remove some visual clutter.
This information will still be displayed for selected segments, and when hovering a cell with your cursor.

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