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Improve Your Security With Wordbee SSO

Improve Your Security With Wordbee SSO

The SSO functionality is designed to manage login credentials for various applications within the same organization. The user authentication provided by Wordbee, can also use the SSO, which authenticates users with existing enterprise sign-on pages.

How to set character limits for localization

How to set character limits for localization

Be it game localization or website localization, localization projects might involve certain character limitations. Setting certain values (absolute numbers), percentages or even defining separate segment-based values is possible in Wordbee Translator.

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Release Notes 18/07/2018

[NEW] Revision history of translations: We now log text changes from the same user if the type of work is not the same
One and the same user may open the same document starting from two different jobs. For example the same user may be assigned a translation and a revision job and make edits for both. Normally, the system does not log changes if edits are done by the same user. However, when the job changes, edits from the same users are now logged.

[IMPROVE] [New Editor] Improvements regarding batch actions and exports
WBT users are now able to update a specific language, custom field with a batch action, when the translation is empty. At the same time Wordbee performed some improvements so the exported Word or Excel document filename is the name of the original file, or else it is the job name.

Release Notes 10/07/2018

The “old” translation editor will be discontinued as of November 1, 2018
After over 1 year of proposing two different translation editors, we announce that the new editor will soon become the only one. The old editor will be deprecated on November 1, 2018. We invite administrators to transition to the new editor as soon as possible. You can activate it on the home page inside the panel for this purpose (if you log in as the administrator).
More information will provided to the WBT users in the coming weeks on how the switch will affect their work. 

Release Notes 05/07/2018

A new option has been added to disable standard authentication when a user connects to SSO
We have implemented a new option on the SSO configuration to disable the standard login when a user will connect to SSO (SAML).

Vendor off days management: Additional options like setting off days/times per language
Availability times, weekends and off days can be set individually per supplier company and supplier person. This information is used in many places in the system including for automatic deadline estimation. The tools have now be extended and allow to set off days individually per source or target language In addition, a vendor can register an exceptional time period on a day that is not worked. Select a company or a person and click the “Planning” tab. A manager or the vendor can set the off days and exceptions here. This component may be extended at a later time.

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