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Release Notes 22/05/2019

[IMPROVEMENT] [Editor] Improved Limit Segment Length component We have improved the limit segment length component to align its consistency with our newer interfaces and improve its reliability.

[IMPROVEMENT] Microsoft MT V2 disabled Microsoft stopped usage of it’s machine translation version 2, so we disabled it accordingly, we are now using version 3 instead.

[IMPROVEMENT] A new option for Hmong Language was added
An option for the language named Hmong was added to the list of languages having iso code of hmn.

Release Notes 16/05/2019

[NEW] [Editor] Editor technology migration with new features and faster load timesWe have migrated the editor to a new build technology. This change improves initial load times, and provides us with the necessary framework to add some exciting new features. This first of these features is present in the right side widgets, allowing users to detach the translation finder and timeline into separate popups. This is particularly useful when running a setup with multiple screens.

Release Notes 14/05/2019

[NEW] New language added - English (Belgium) Wordbee now supports English (Belgium). The code for this new language is en-BE.

[NEW] [Editor] Better design for view/edit segment window We have improved the layout of the view/edit segment window toward a slicker and more compact design.

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