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Release Notes 28/02/2019

[IMPROVEMENT] Kurdish, Sindhi configured as RTL languages We configured existing languages Kurdish, Sindhi as Right-to-Left languages. They are now correctly handled in the Editor.

[IMPROVEMENT] QA term check rule: New parameter added to define if terms in the source texts are looked up at 100% or below in the term bases We have added a new parameter to the term check rule. By default, when a system looks for terms in a source text it looks for identical hits in the term bases only (there is a case sensitive option only). With this development you can specify if minor variations are acceptable. For example to accept a spacing or punctuation difference. This “Source term similarity” parameter defaults to 100%.

[IMPROVEMENT] [Editor] Global Search Improvement and new comment fixes
The Global Search resources filter has been improved and the interface has being revamped in a more “user-friendly” way.

[IMPROVEMENT] [Workflows] It is now possible to reorder source/target columns
When configuring default column configurations for certain tasks, source and target languages were locked in first position. It is now possible to reorder these columns ; they are no longer locked in the first and second position respectively.

Release Notes 26/02/2019

[NEW] Add the language “Luxembourgish” on Google Machine TranslationWThe language “Luxembourgish” (locale code “lb”) is now supported on Wordbee Translator with the Google Machine Translation.

[NEW] New language added - AcholiWordbee now supports Acholi. The code for this new language is ach.

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