Pricing for Wordbee Translator


For freelance translators

125€ 150$

per year

1 freelance linguist account

Freelance includes

CAT Tool

Translation memory


Machine translation integrations

Invoice management


For LSPs starting out

225€ / 270$

2 project managers/year

Pay-as-you-go linguist accounts

Everything in Freelance +

2 entrepreneur logins

Project management

Project workflows

Temporary linguist expansion accounts

Client management

Premium pack

For growing translation teams

Contact us

5 users of any type

Perfect plan for SMBs

Everything in Entrepreneur +

Advanced workflows


Financial management

Quality assurance automation

Vendor management

Customer portal

Terminology management


For large translation teams

Contact us

Custom features, accounts, subscriber agreement, SLA, hosting, and security

Custom feature set

Business analytics

Global search



Dedicated account manager

Single-Sign-on (SSO)

University & NGO discounts

Wordbee has special discounts and offers available for universities and NGOs. Contact us for more information.

What are linguist accounts and project manager accounts?

You can have an unlimited number of linguist logins created, with their prices and other information. If you have 5 “linguist accounts,” you can have up to 5 linguists logged in at the same time.

Project manager accounts have access to the main Wordbee translation management system, whereas linguist accounts can only see the jobs, quotes, invoices, and projects that pertain to them.

What are pay-per-use linguist accounts?

When you need more linguists to login at the same time than you have included on your plan, you can add linguists to your account and pay-as-you-go for that day’s “linguist expansion,” which Wordbee tracks for you automatically.

Beebox pricing

The Wordbee Beebox connector middleware is sold separately from the Wordbee Translator TMS and CAT Tool, and each installation depends on the type of connector and the content source. Contact us to request a quote.

How does this pricing compare to other tools?

Wordbee pricing compares favorably to other plans. Be sure to do your diligence on monthly v.s. annual plans. Wordbee pricing is competitve!