Instant collaboration on projects and translations

Collaborative translation makes communications and localization work easy. Simultaneous access to translation memories, projects and real-time translations.


Collaborative translation results in a faster time-to-market

Get people involved early, prevent costly issues, work together faster with simultaneous collaboration, and get things done quicker.


Collaboration wins new deals

Are you more collaborative than your competitors? Win more deals with collaborative features like the Client Portal, improved communications, and the ability to cut days off the localization lifecycle.


Permissions are super simple

Let people do what they are supposed to do, and not do what they are not supposed to do. Our bees got keys for any door in Wordbee. 

Super quality jump

Collaboration results in better quality translations

Bonus: Your stakeholders are gonna love Wordbee. 😉


Comments are created. People are notified. Issues get resolved. Celebration.


Before Wordbee, important stakeholders were often in the dark. Not anymore.


Solving issues quickly means your team won’t cut corners or “sweep it under the rug.”
Stakeholders login

Get people involved and get ahead

Bonus: Wordbee Portal logins are free, all other licenses are concurrent. 😉

Wordbee Portal logins

Unlimited free logins for customers, departments, or anyone else creating orders and receiving translations via the Wordbee Portal.

Get customers involved

Customers can comment on translations, review financials, check project statuses, accept quotes or invoices, and  manage their files.

Get experts involved

Experts can comment on and improve translations right in Wordbee to keep things moving.

Get regional offices involved

Companies with regional offices, departments, or other complex structures can create workflows and logins for any situation.

Get reviewers involved

Create workflow steps for review, give people a login, and get your show on the road.

Get product managers involved

In software, gaming, and other fields, getting product managers involved in localization can often catch issues before they begin.

Get developers involved

App developers may want to get involved. Just give them a login, their permissions, and let them roll.

Get anyone involved

If your mom is going to help your localization project be better or faster, give her a login.

Free trial

Start your 15 day free trial or talk to one of our localization consultants.

Working simultaneously

What can you do together?

Translators work together with proofreaders

Project managers check progress at any time

Solve problems quickly by collaborating

No more waiting for files to be sent

Choose your next step

Start a free trial


Our features are bottomless

The best way to discover them is in a free trial or demonstration with our friendly staff.

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Learn more about these features

Analytics and reporting

Know in one glance which managers, translators, clients, and projects are performing as expected. Make critical decisions.

Enterprise content integrations

Connect your translation workflows to Sharepoint or Adobe AEM to easily kickoff projects and make sure departments get what they need as soon as possible.

Website CMS integrations

Connect to Wordpress, Sitecore, and several other website CMS solutions to make sure your website or e-commerce content is always translated and up-to-date.

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Want cool localization techniques straight to your email?

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