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Expand your Wordbee experience with the best Live Instructor-Led Training available and gain valuable technical knowledge.

Wordbee Academy - E-learning and Certification for Translators

Maximize your investment in Wordbee

Wordbee partnered with wordcraft to create affordable e-learning and certification courses for the people who use your platform. Each course comes with the certification testing included!

Get your translators certified

wordcraft e-learning and certification packages are here to help you close the knowledge gap between your most experienced project managers and your translators. Having a roster of translators who know how to use your tool makes sense!

Wordbee Translator Onboarding and Training by Linquake
in the Netherlands and Flanders

Make Wordbee Translator work to achieve your goals

LinQuake provides applied training programs for the administrators of the platform, as well as the project managers, translators and editors. These courses are always tailor-made and are developed together with the client depending on their needs.

Onboarding and Training

Experienced consultants from LinQuake provide on-site training to companies in the Netherlands and Flanders to support your business during the implementation process of Wordbee Translator and to train your users. This training can be given in both Dutch and English.

Wordbee Translator and Beebox Training for Clients

Tailored Training

Wordbee client trainings are highly tailored to the localization team needs and workflows. Our trainings can be delivered for your environment and focused on your specific needs.

Take advantage of Wordbee Experts

Customized trainings can be delivered online or if your company has the facilities and equipment in place, Wordbee in-house experts can deliver exclusive training at your preferred location.

Make your choice

Wordbee Academy

Get your translators certified and close the knowledge gap.
Powered by wordcraft.

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Onboarding and Training

Custom training for all users in the Netherlands & Flanders
Powered by LinQuake.

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Wordbee Client Training

For more details get in touch with your Wordbee account manager.

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