Manage translation projects in Joomla and automate your content localization process

Companies rely on Beebox and Joomla to maintain ELITE multilingual web presences while reducing budget costs, saving project management time, and improving their global presence.

Elite tools for the world’s largest brands

Maintaining an ELITE and LOCALIZED wordlwide presence is easier than you imagine

Maintain global content standards

If your business is reaching global presence with Joomla, it can troublesome to keep all your content to your standards. Beebox helps you to create multilingual content easier.

Fast translation without interruptions

Wordbee Beebox helps you to drastically reduce budget costs and project management time with translation memories and instantly starts your translation for the production of content without any interruptions in Joomla.

Achieve freedom

By integrating AEM directly with localization providers can end up getting your entire business entity locked with one supplier. Beebox gives you the freedom to be independent and work with the provider who offers you the best service.

Beebox helps you eliminate developer costs

Beebox helps you reduce or eliminate any type of development costs associated with setting up your translation memory or connecting with translation providers.

Multi-channel solution: not only Joomla (!)

There is a chance your content is not stored in Joomla. Beebox helps you to unify all your content sources together, Even the ones which require custom development.

Translation status and reports

Translation status and reports can be checked at any moment depending on your specific deployementof Beebox. You can get any type of reports if you combine with Wordbee Transaltor.
Leverage your translations

Save money & maintain control by reusing translations

Gain visibility, transparency, and control

Achieve visibility and transparency across all of your translations projects, even the ones you are outsourcing to providers.

Never spend money twice for the same thing

Save money with the help of Beebox by reusing content you’ve already translated and control costs when working with suppliers.

Live translation preview

Translators have the option to see a live preview of the web page they are working for true in-context editing.

Free trial

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Beebox offers top level security features for the world’s biggest companies

Host your own installation

Beebox is an on-site installation, offering your teammates the very same excellent security you already have on site.

Tight control of permissions, roles, and access

Gain full and tight control of your translation projects by using Beebox.

Additional top level security features

Beebox delivers several elite security features for the largest companies. Get your demo now for more information.

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Our features are bottomless

The best way to discover them is in a free trial or demonstration with our friendly staff.

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