Translators and managers see a live preview of the translated site

Finally, the curtain is lifted and your team can translate directly on the fully-rendered web page. 

Like a match struck in a darkened room

Your team can see

Increased quality

Immediate quality improvements when translators can see how the text actually looks on the web page, helping them to understand context, character counts, and layout.

Scaling and speed

In-context editing makes your whole operation faster and easier, helping you grow. Translation, proofreading, and management are all faster when people can see what they are doing.

Better workflows

Remove several unnecessary workflow steps. Gone are the days when you had four workflow steps and character counts were all the rage.

How it works

In tandem with our Beebox integration

Beebox integrates your CMS, ECM, or DMS

Mark pages for translation in your CMS and ship them through Beebox and into Wordbee Translator in the form of a bilingual XLIFF, enabling translation memory.

Wordbee Translator identifies the correct page

Wordbee Translator then identifies the correct web page for your content item, and knows which text goes where, even though the file being translated is a bilingual XLIFF.

Translators gonna translate

The translator sees the webpage as it actually appears, and types in the translation right on the site. When the job is done, it goes back through Beebox, back to your CMS, and awaits publication.

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