Translate easily your contents with Beebox + SDL LiveContent

The Beebox Connector for SDL LiveContent makes translating content an efficient and user-friendly process. The connector enables you to configure filters and select specific content for translation. It is a good choice if you want to send content to translation provider, have your translated content delivered and have SDL sites updated quickly and easily.

Elite tools for the world’s largest brands

A high-quality LOCALIZED content is the key to global success

Global content is the solution

If your brand relies on a high-quality international content, consistency between different versions might be an issue. Let Beebox integrations with SDL LiveContent take care of that.

A localization process adapted to your needs

Beebox is a real time and money saver thanks to translation memories. Instantly start your translations for efficient content editing with SDL LiveContent.

Stay free and independant

With Beebox + SDL Live content you avoid being stuck with a specific localization provider. By integrating you stay free: work with the best providers you chose and not the providers you are chained to.

Developer costs are no longer a problem

Beebox enables you to reduce significanty potential development costs related to translation providers or translation memories

Multi-channel solution: not just SDL LiveContent (!)

All you content can be unified regardless of where it is stored. Beebox can unify every content sources even when custom developement is needed.

Status & reports checks

The Beebox solutions allow you to check the translation status and access reports according to your needs. With Wordbee Translator, you can access a rich set of reports an enterprise would need.
Leverage your translations

Reuse your translated contents and save money

Visibility, control and transparency

Improve your transparency and visibility in all your projects, even when you outsource your translations.

Save money with translation memories

Reduce significantly your project and translation costs by reusing content you have translated in the past, even when you are working with suppliers.

Live preview

Thanks to the live preview feature, translators can view and edit a web page in-context.

Free trial

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The world’s biggest brands rely on Wordbee for its security features

Host your own installation

Beebox is an on-site installation which guarantees the same high security levels you may already have on site.

Control permissions, roles and access

Keep control over every activity in your Beebox


Further security features

Beebox offers optimal security features for the world’s largest enterprises. Ask for a demo to know more.

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Our features are bottomless

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Live preview

Live Preview is an add on to Beebox that lets you preview CMS, static or dynamic web sites while you translate. 

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