Wordbee User Day

June 14, 2019 | Lisbon, Portugal

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About the event

Thanks to Hands-on Training and Workshops you will gain valuable Knowledge and Skills on Wordbee Translator and Beebox. You will be “doing” instead of just watching.

Seize the opportunity of these dedicated sessions to build a time and cost-effective workflow, automate manual actions and improve your localization projects management and process.

What will you learn

Editor Hands On Training

At the event you will learn everything regarding our famous CAT Editor. From Global search, QA checks, live preview, sentiment analysis and much much more.

Project Management

The on-site trainings will help you use the Wordbee Translator to fully automate all aspects of your translation project including workflow selection, job creation, resource selection and job proposals.

Beebox Integrations

Seize the opportunity during the summit to perfect your knowledge about Beebox and learn how to implement a localization workflow with any CMS thanks to Wordbee Beebox and much more.


Take advantage from our Wordbee translator experts at the summit to help you easily setup translation workflows automatically and without stressing out your project managers and inside tips to perfect your translation project’s consistency.

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