Comprehensive Translation Management

Manage every aspect of translation, benefit from integrated linguistic tooling, and discover why Wordbee is the perfect fit for your organization.


From 10 users to 10,000 users, spanning departments, stakeholders, content types,  and multiple content streams. Translation management on steroids.

Translation service providers

Manage every scenario, leverage every asset, and improve the customer experience with translation management specifically tailored for LSPs.

Freelance translators

Reliable CAT tool, integrated invoicing, prices, customer management, and highly compatible with your customers.

Industries we serve

Wordbee has custom solutions for a variety of industries.

Life Sciences

Special workflows and tooling for linguistic validation.


Multi-column editor provides context for translators.


Continuous localization made easy with Wordbee.


Special features for this industry we have at Wordbee.

Software / Agile

Special features for this industry we have at Wordbee.


Special features for this industry we have at Wordbee.


Special features for this industry we have at Wordbee.


Special features for this industry we have at Wordbee.

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Olympic translation management: 10 years of training!

Supercharge your system with our translation management system— improve quality, better time-to-market, save money, cut costs, streamline processes, improve margins, win deals, reach new markets. Give your team every possible advantage to succeed.

Every challenge is different

Special workflows for different types of localization

Localization workflows for software, games, post-editing and machine translation, corporate websites, business documents, technical documentation, mobile apps, marketing and communications, medical “back translation,” and more.

Free trial

Start your 15 day free trial or talk to one of our localization consultants.


Cut translation management time in half.


Automate word counts, deadlines, assignments, suppliers, costs, billing, and project communications. Keep your organization lean.

Real-time collaboration

Track translations in progress in real-time. Stakeholders work together in every project phase. People work with the same translations, at the same time.

Leverage your assets

Translate any type of file and save money with a translation memory and integrated machine translation.

Integrate content sources

With CMS, ECM, Digital Asset Management systems, cloud storage like Dropbox or Drive, and more.

The business stack

Never stop improving

Use Business Intelligence to make critical decisions to improve your financials, speed, customer experience, and quality. Get KPIs for your entire organization.


Translators love to work in our online translation editor


Translators work directly in our comfortable and customizable CAT tool.


Stakeholders access the same translation in real-time.


Translators and project managers communicate directly in Wordbee or via email notifications.

Translation memory

Leverage your work to increase profits, offer competitive prices, and never translate the same thing twice.

Quality assurance

Consistent terminology even when working with multiple translators.


Control terminology and search term databases for correct translations.

Client Portal

Your branded portal where customers or departments interact with your localization team

Clients setup instant quotes, improve customer relations, and provide a single source of truth for translations.


Get it together with Beebox integrations

40+ integrations with CMS systems like WordPress, digital asset management systems like Adobe AEM, and more with your translation team to achieve speed and agility reaching new markets.

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