Translation Automation with a Human Touch

In this article you’ll find advice on how to keep a human touch in your translation processes without compromising translation automation efficiency.

Localization and Adobe AEM: Freedom of Choice

When choosing a localization connector your freedom of choice is essential. But most of the connectors in the marketplace either connect you with a specific translation software or service provider.

A Checklist for Translation Vendor Management

Tips on how to create the perfect checklist for your translation vendor management activities.

Should you put KPIs in Localization Vendor Contracts?

Fixing monetary incentives to KPIs is super interesting but is it a good idea? Let’s look at the pros and cons.

How memes can be a global marketing powerhouse

What are some ground rules we can set for using memes on the Internet? And how should you make that decision?

What can localizers learn from the assignment of KPIs in marketing

Marketing teams were looking at KPIs long before localizers were. In this article we discuss what localizers can learn from marketing in terms of KPIs.

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