3 Essentials for Linguistic Validation in Life Science Translation Projects

Set up efficient translation and linguistic validation processes for medical information with these three tips.

How To Build And Localize Your Knowledge Base

In this article, we share strategies and suggestions on how to build and localize your company’s knowledge base.

Do You Know How to KonMari Your Translation Memories?

In this article we offer suggestions and strategies to KonMari, i.e clean and maintain pitch-perfect translation memories.

Online Medical Terminology Resources

Which are the main medical terminology resources available online? We created a list for you!

.PO File Software Localization.

Post-editing of Machine Translation: Negotiating Projects

In this article on post-editing of machine translation, we discuss the key elements for a good negotiation of PEMT projects.

Going Local: Learning from Hudson’s Bay’s Efforts at Expansion

Hudson’s Bay department store, of Canada, opened 15 stores in The Netherlands only to close them two years later. What happened and what can we learn from that?

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