Interoperability in Localization: A bird’s eye view (Part I)

In this article, we discuss what interoperability is, the role it plays in localization, as well as when & why interoperability is key.

5 Ways To Manage Translation Quality In Wordbee

The secret to delivering quality work lies in preventing errors as much as possible. Here are 5 ways to manage translation quality, including metrics and settings available in Wordbee.

Translation Automation Helps LSPs Move Forward And Become Future-Proof

While competition is becoming fiercer and clients more demanding, translation automation solutions can help LSPs improve and thrive.

Quality Management In Life Sciences Translation

Quality management is a key element of translation, especially in life sciences where quality and safety go hand-in-hand and can jeopardize lives if done poorly.

What To Look For In A Translation Management System

In this article, the Wordbee team answers FAQ about TMS technology to help you select the solution that fits your company.

Pushing The Translation Quality Envelope Further

To improve on translation quality, you need collaboration among all stakeholders, but most importantly, you have to invest in technology and processes. Read about Wordbee’s integration with ContentQuo.

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