The hype is real.

Wordbee’s computer-assisted translation (CAT tool) is the best in the biz

Because having killer CAT Tools in the same environment as a killer management system makes sense.

Multi-column CAT Tool

Easy management with a multi-column CAT Tool

Great for transcreation projects where seeing product images or other information is useful and for games localization where additional information is vital. A critical CAT tool for project managers on any project to review translations or answer questions on the same page for different language pairs and jobs.

Global search

Search across every translation you’ve ever done… in seconds… right in the CAT tool

It happens all the time. You need to check how something was translated a hundred times. Wrongly. By a different department. Ten years ago. And you need to fix them all right now, in the CAT Tool.


Live preview

True Live Preview and in-context CAT tool for software UIs and websites

We cracked the code. Translators can now translate corporate websites or software UIs directly on the page, leading to huge improvements in quality, time management, and business processes. Oh, and you can forget about character counts for awhile. 😛

Free trial

Start your 15 day free trial or talk to one of our localization consultants.


Auto-complete and QA as you type

Translate faster with auto-complete suggestions directly from your translation memory and QA as you type. Auto-complete is a must-have for any modern translation editor.


Easy in/out from other CAT tools

Translate online in Wordbee or work offline in Word, Excel, or your system of choice.

Advanced Excel

Show information in additional columns

Display IDs, links, pictures, data validation, and do other incredible things with Multilingual Excel.


No situation is beyond your control

File types

Software, games, documents, code, Adobe products, pdfs… See the full list!


The Wordbee CAT tool runs fast in your browser. You don’t need an amazing internet connection to work.

Superior uptime

Wordbee is up and running nearly 100% of the time, and customers can check the server status at any time.

Work hours on end

In our comfortable translation editor. Customize the look and feel!
In-translation communications

Incredibly simple system for comments, notes, and issues

Translators can leave themselves notes

Most translators leave themselves notes as they translate, so they can come back to things later.

Comments can be replied to by managers or experts

In-document issues can be solved in one-place, referring to the actual segments where the issues occur.

Email notifications can be sent per comment

Comments that are urgent can be marked for email notification per stakeholder.

Translators and proofreaders can communicate directly

As a manager, problems that fix themselves are the best kind.

The devil is not in the details

Handle tags

Easily handle tags and profit from our automatic tagging simplifier to reduce the number of tags you have to do.

Hot keys

Our hot keys are served extra-hot. Each translator or manager can set their own hot keys.


Propagate translations in real-time across documents, projects, and jobs.

See version histories

Right in the editor. You can see who edited which segment, and when.
Translation memory

Reuse everything you’ve ever done to save time and money

Do it your way

Configure your translation memories and usage the way you want it.

Fuzzy matches

Customizable fuzzy matches and pricing discounts for customers or suppliers with granular controls.

Terminology databases

Terminology databases for consistent communications and branding. Customers love this.

Global search

Harness the entirety of your translation memory and search directly from Wordbee or the client portal.

Choose your next step

Start a free trial

Our features are bottomless

The best way to discover them is in a free trial or demonstration with our friendly staff.

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