GALA Conference 2020

September 20-23, 2020

Let’s meet at GALA Conference 2020

Wordbee will be at the GALA San Diego 2020 and offer best-in-class translation management technology.

We’d love to schedule visits ahead of time! If you are going to the event and want to chat localization technology with us, or even just pick our brains about whatever challenges you are facing, we are ready to talk!

Sometimes it’s nice to have a call in advance, too. If you have a specific challenge you are dealing with, we can come to the conference prepared to show you potential solutions to the challenge and demo any relevant solutions.

See our speakers demo Wordbee

Wordbee consultants Markus Shriner and Marcin Woyna-Orlewicz will be speaking about comprehensive translation management (further details TBA).

About the conference

GALA welcomes all members of the translation & localization industry and provides an opportunity for high-value networking and candid peer-to-peer learning, all in an open and welcoming environment. Its 12th annual conference will bring together the industry’s most-invested stakeholders.

  • Location: San Diego
  • Dates: September 20-23, 2020
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