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The importance of translations in the Financial Industry.

And why Wordbee Translator is the most reliable solution on the market.

Global financial markets never sleep and have no time zones or boundaries. Speed and Accuracy are the most used requirements for translating research reports, analyst bulletins, overnight reports, fixed income reports, and other financial documents. Obtaining the best quality translations possible is critical in the financial industry.

Having poorly translated documents within the highly regulated financial industry may range from loss of revenue for the financial institution involved to businesses-crippling legal actions. Even the smallest mistake – such as grammatical error or misplacement of a period or a comma – can have catastrophic consequences.

Solid technology for translations is therefore required, and this is why so many financial institutions choose Wordbee.


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Wordbee lets you control your financial localization projects and costs in the most outstanding translation management tool

Secured and accurate translation tool for your financial business.

All in one and secured translations

Wordbee efficiently manages translation projects such as research reports, analyst bulletins, overnight reports, fixed income reports, and other financial documents. Wordbee and Beebox Integrations support all major file types making it a powerful solution and secured for the Financial Industry.

Secure access to Wordbee Translator using Single Sign On (SSO)

Financial companies require tight integration with existing authentication mechanisms. A centralised management of hundreds to thousands of users across all corporate applications adds substantial efficiences and is often a regulatory requirement. Therefore Wordbee can also use single sign-on (SSO), which authenticates users with existing enterprise sign-on pages. Management of user credentials then happens outside of Wordbee.

Secret Mode in Codyt Projects

The secret mode in Codyt projects allows restricting access to appointed managers. The feature has been designed to enhance confidentiality in specific projects where project details affecting their clients need to be kept confidential.

Reduce Business Risks with Wordbee

Wordbee can help you reduce business risks by using reliable translation workflows and easy replacements. Wordbee also gives you the advantage to keep all your financial translation knowledge in ONE centralized, secured system. You can plan your finances ahead and earn your clients loyalty with efficient technology and service.

Features the Financial Industry loves

Wordbee Translator meets your very specific needs

Smooth Integrations

Wordbee Translator can integrate with any system on the market.

Intuitive project management

Project workflow and processes have never been so easy to manage.

Automatic projects

Management of regular projects can be largely automated.

Automated regular projects & Delivery.

Better machine translation technology

Reduce project time and costs by using machine translation technology.

Effortless invoicing and billing

Easy invoicing and billing management feature making it easier for your business.

Consistency with terminology

Consistency is a key word for global companies. Wordbee has the features specifically designed for your global branding strategy and localization team.

Reduce project management costs

Reduce project costs by reusing past translations & increase your project margins.

Slick and smooth communication

Streamlined communication with your organization and let your teammates order translations from your internal order portal.

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