End-to-end Globalization Tools for the Life Sciences

Wordbee’s all-in-one TMS and CAT Tool has features for linguistic validation, back translation workflows, tracking & reporting, and more. Designed especially for Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) and Sponsors with global operations.

Linguistic validation

Specialized workflows for back translation and linguistic validation make Wordbee the perfect choice.


Wordbee’s CAT Tool and TMS runs in a secure cloud. Stakeholders can collaborate simultaneously on the same documents.


Wordbee tracks every comment, revision, or other change at both the file and segment levels. Generate a one-click report showing the complete history of the translation.

Features for Life Sciences

Wordbee has features that can help your globalization team save lives and stay compliant with regulations.

Wordbee’s ethos has always been to build what the customer requires. Our many customers in the Life Sciences, medical, and health insurance sectors have requested many additions to Wordbee over the years.

Multi-column display

Display several languages in the CAT Tool at the same time, or use columns to display meta information to provide context.


100+ Business analytics reports help you to improve your business operations. Find your problems and solve them.

Customer Service

Wordbee’s customer service team is ready to assist you whenever you have a challenge that you cannot solve.

Translation memory

Wordbee’s translation memory is accurate, reliable, and easy to maintain. Project and “Master” memories improve quality, project setups, and memory maintenance operations.


Improve the efficiency of your global operations by having one tool with both linguistic and project management features.


Safely automate parts of your project management processes, helping you achieve both quality and efficiency.


Wordbee’s terminology tool is a great way to document terminology according to the latest TBX standards.


Track your projects in real-time and get notifications whenever something happens that you need to be aware of.

What do sponsors and CROs translate with Wordbee?


Clinical Outcome Assessments (COAs)

Wordbee helps you localize PROs, ClinROs, ObsROs, PerfOs, and other types of Clinical Outcome Assessments.

Excel files

Wordbee works at a very high level with Excel, which is a common format in the Life sciences.

Drug labels

Wordbee’s glossaries, terminology database, and translation memory are a powerful toolkit for localizing labels.


Sponsors and CROs have websites too. Connect Wordbee directly to your CMS and reach global markets.

Cognitive Interviews

Questionairres of all types, including cognitive interviews, are perfect for localizing with Wordbee.

Plain Language Summaries (Lay Summaries)

Wordbee is ready to handle the growth in Lay Summaries localization.

Regulatory letters

Wordbee’s linguistic tools and easy assignment models make translating regulatory letters efficient.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

SOPs need to be accurate for global clinical trials. Wordbee helps you focus on quality.

Download the FAQ with our Life Sciences expert

Brahim Aioun, Wordbee Life Sciences Consultant
“Efficient operations help localization and linguistic validation teams to spend more of their time focusing on the quality of the translation and less of their time keeping up with rudimentary tasks.”

Why CROs invest in Wordbee

When it comes to global clinical trials, the data you collect is only as good as the localization you create. Wordbee is a difference-maker, helping CROs achieve superior quality and linguistic validation.

  • Better linguistic validation workflows and project management
  • Automation
  • Strict rules and processes are easier to enforce
  • Efficient collaboration
  • All-in-one system helps CROs unify their processes
  • Thorough tracking and reporting helps CROs demonstrate their effectiveness

Reports & Analytics

Wordbee features 100+ reports in the business analytics sections, the ability to export to custom Excel reports, and also the ability to generate Life Sciences reports for each translation.

The special Life Sciences reports, which show every comment, change, or other collaboration down to the segment level, is especially useful. CROs love this feature because it helps them demonstrate compliance and keep accurate records, with timestamps and persons responsible for each item.

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