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CoDyT ™ Automation according to how you do business

Workflow handoffs

Setup workflow templates for translation, proofreading, revision, or other phases, and Wordbee hands the jobs off for you!

Word count & setup

Together with automated workflows, word counts are automated together with the financials.


Setup groups of translators, and automatically assign the job to a translator in the correct group based on your assignment model.

Deadlines & kickoffs

Deadline calculation and automatic kickoffs based on your own team and granular controls.

Cover yourself


Update jobs and documents on the fly

Update source documents

Upload an updated source document and watch as Wordbee instantly updates your translation jobs without losing any work.

Versions, version, versions

Translation project management is way better when you don’t waste all your time managing versions. Wordbee helps you keep versions straight.



Assign translation jobs quickly using the method that suits your project


Send a job to a translator like it has always been done.

First to accept

Send a job to a curated group of translators and let the first one to accept take the job.

True crowd

To each his own: let the crowd translate the file and track finances automatically.

Split jobs and tasks

Split documents, jobs, and tasks any which way regardless of assignment methods.

Free trial

Start your 15 day free trial and see how easy it is to manage every aspect of your localization team.


Easy financial management from prices to reporting


Manage translator and customer prices, including discounts, price levels, service types, and more, all per translator or customer.


Create customer and translator invoices automatically, with your own branding, per project or aggregated.


Aggregate and send customer and translator invoices automatically to save time.


View financial reports and slice the data by customer, manager, translator, or project.


Every type of stakeholder can participate


Manage customers and their users, and provide them with their own client portal with your branding.


Easily manage suppliers, their prices, discounts, services, invoices, and all the information associated with them.

In-house staff

Any type of stakeholder can access a project or translation, with the proper permissions.

Third-party companies

Companies who want other companies to work in their system are in luck here.

Workflows and portals

Workflows for projects and customer portals


Real-time, simultaneous access to projects and translations enables next-generation workflows.

Easy setup of project phases

Use project templates or start one from scratch: setting up a million dollar project is easier than you think.

Automate hand-offs

Kicking off a new job, or handing off tasks from translators to proofreaders can be automated according to your rules.

Do it your way

Not everyone wants to automate everything. Get as personal and intimate with your project management as you want.

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Analytics and reporting

Know in one glance which managers, translators, clients, and projects are performing as expected. Make critical decisions.

Enterprise content integrations

Connect your translation workflows to Sharepoint or Adobe AEM to easily kickoff projects and make sure departments get what they need as soon as possible.

Website CMS integrations

Connect to Wordpress, Sitecore, and several other website CMS solutions to make sure your website or e-commerce content is always translated and up-to-date.

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