Localization metrics and KPIs

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Any type of KPI report, using any data point in the system

Business Intelligence for organizations who want to get better at everything they do. 
Spot trends and opportunities. Identify areas for improvement. 


Any way you want it: translators v.s. time, deliveries, volume, response, ratings… you name it.

Volume & growth

Identify your best opportunities for growth, and review your current volume sliced as you wish.


Improve deadlines by focusing on job offers to the most reactive translators.

Evaluate customers

Slice customer KPIs any way you want it and make sure every customer is happy and profitable.

Manager performance

Slice your business KPIs by manager and identify areas of improvement.


Use performance ratings and other metrics to make organizational quality decisions.


Ultimate KPIs for localization - focus on optimizing your deliveries

By focusing on these three metrics, you can identify areas for improvement that will impact your company.

Creation to assignment

How much time passes until a translator accepts a job assignment, on average?

Assignment to start

Once a translator accepts a job, how much time passes until they actually start working?

Start to completion

How much time does it take for a translator to finish the job?


Find cost saving opportunities and leverage your assets

Know which projects, managers, or translators are creating profits or cost savings

Optimize how you leverage your translation memory assets

Make changes that improve your bottom-line right now

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Curate your translators to achieve organizational excellence

Which translators deliver on-time?

Which translators respond quickly to work requests?

Which translators are performing at the highest level?


Identify your best managers according to several metrics

Which managers deliver on-schedule?

Which managers run the most profitable projects?

Which managers handle the most throughput?

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