Translation connectors for 40+ systems

Complete middleware solutions for CMS, DMS, and ECM systems. Connect to your localization ecosystem and translate like the wind.


 Translation middleware brings together your content sources

Connect your systems and be done with it

Enterprises solve their sprawling content problems with Beebox. Connect digital asset management systems, website CMS systems, ad-hoc documents, documentation management systems, and any other type of system with our Beebox translation connectors and be done with it.

Hands-free localization: automate the automation

Automatically apply the right project automation to the right content source and localize perfectly with minimal management time.

Custom translation connectors

Pick an existing connector, or use our open API and SDK to connect to any type of legacy system or other system your enterprise may have.
Connect anything

Let our experts solve your content sprawl

The Wordbee integration team has more than 40 connectors for popular systems and broad experience to help you solve your sprawling content issues and legacy challenges.

In-context translation

Translation of corporate websites right on the page

We cracked the code. When you connect your corporate website, translators can now translate directly on the web page, saving time, money, and cutting several steps from your workflows (!).

Free trial

Start your 15 day free trial or talk to one of our localization consultants.

Corporate websites and e-commerce

 Easy localization for web CMS platforms and digital asset management

WordPress, Drupal, Sitefinity, Kentico, EpiServer, SiteCore, Adobe AEM/CQ5, SharePoint, Typo 3, Censhare localization & more.

Translate thousands of pages

Whether you have an enterprise content system or an online shop with tens of thousands of products, our translation connectors make localization easy and hassle-free.

Increase your sales

Studies show that online customers convert much higher when the content is in their native language.

More than just a connector

Beebox is actually a fully-featured middleware. Centralize your translation memories in Beebox, while also working with any localization provider or system (!).

 Cloud storage with translation workflows

Setup folders for translation

Create hot folders for translation. When different departments, customers, or employees add a file to that folder, kick off a pre-defined translation process.

Supports major providers

Supports all major cloud storage providers, including Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, or Box.

Easily connect your organization to your translators

Setting up hot folders makes it easy to connect anybody in your organization to your translation workflows. This works especially well for documents.

iOS and Android developers use Beebox

Code in, Code out

Beebox translation connectors parse your file, convert it into a bilingual format called .xliff for easy translation, and then rebuild your code file when the text is translated.

All major formats

Translate all the major file types for developers.

Best-practice workflows

Create best-practice workflows including translators, proofreaders, testing, and approval.

Use the translation management system or translation environment of your choice

Translation management systems

All the major translation project management systems are compatible with the XLIFF standard used by our Beebox integration.

Translation editors

You can setup workflows using any of the standard translation editors, or just let your translators use the translation editor of their choice.

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Our features are bottomless

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Live preview

Live Preview is an add on to Beebox that lets you preview CMS, static or dynamic web sites while you translate. 

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