Manage your translations with TYPO3 and localize content at scale

Manage translations with Beebox + TYPO3 to produce multilingual content, save time and elliminate copy-paste errors. Reach the highest level of productivity and quality with this flexible, scalable and customizable tool for Web Content Management.

Elite tools for the world’s largest brands

Build a WORLD-CLASS and LOCALIZED global presence

Pave your way to success with multilingual content

Reaching global market can also mean struggling with consistency and different versions. Beebox smooths the process of writing a multilingual content.

Localize as fast as you create

Beebox helps you instantly save time and money thanks to translation memories. Streamline your production and localization processes with TYPO3.

Keep your freedom and independence

Integrating TYPO3 is a smart move to avoid getting your entire brand locked in to a single provider. Beebox gives you the possibility to work with the provider you offers you the best service, not the one you are chained to.

Stop worrying about developer costs

Beebox is a great solution to reduce or eliminate costs related to development, configurating translation memory or connecting to translation providers.

Multi-channel solution: not just TYPO3 (!)

You may have content that is not related to TYPO3. Unify all your content sources with Beebox, even when custom development is needed.

Translation status and report checks

You can check a wide range of translation status, review and report according to your needs. With Beebox and Wordbee Translator, you get all the report an enterprise would ever need.

Leverage your translations

Maintain control and save money with translation technologies

Control, transparency and visibility

Benefit from top-class visibility and transparency across your translation projects

Use you memories to save money

Beebox automatically manages content from your translation memories to control and reduce costs when working with suppliers.

Live preview features

Give your translator the technology to reach the highest quality: with live preview they can preview live the web page they are translating for a true in-context editing.

Free trial

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Beebox is the choice of the world’s biggest brands for its security features

Host your own installation

Beebox is an on-site installation which offers the same high security level you already have on site.

Tightly control over permissions, roles and access

Strong control over every activity in your Beebox


More security features

Some of the world’s largest enterprises chose Beebox for its wide range of security features. Please request a demo if you want to know more.

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Our features are bottomless

The best way to discover them is in a free trial or demonstration with our friendly staff.

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